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Aesthetic Ways to Work Wicker Storage Baskets Into Your Home

Aesthetic Ways to Work Wicker Storage Baskets Into Your Home

It’s always a good time to declutter. It’s also always a good time to have a ready stash of natural-looking wicker baskets to help you re-organise what you’ve got.

Seize the moment!  That time of the year when the Christmas decorations come down or thoughts turn to spring cleaning could be the perfect opportunity to make your decluttering dreams come true.

It doesn’t have to be a chore; you could use the latest range of wicker baskets to create a cosy and more aesthetic look for your storage areas.

Why Work With Wicker?

Wicker baskets are a godsend for home storage solutions because they are a good investment. Why? We list the reasons below:

Sustainability And Biodegradable

Wicker baskets are made from naturally occurring materials such as rattan, bamboo, weed, and seagrass and are, therefore, biodegradable. Rest assured, you will bring less plastic into your home using this eco-friendly and traditional storage method.

These woven storage solutions are also reusable in multiple ways, meaning they’ll never be out of use. 

Neutral Colours And Great Textures

Wicker storage baskets provide a neutral-coloured accessory that will go with any interior scheme that values warm natural colours, textured materials and earthy elements.

These are the perfect accessory for any home with a vintage country home or rustic aesthetic and tick all the boxes for those of you aiming for a cosy, hygge-infused interior. 

A Flexible Storage Solution

Storage baskets come in various shapes and sizes that can be sourced to fit into almost every shelving scheme or room, depending on its placement.

Large baskets such as this large round kubu basket can be used as statement pieces, stand-alone installations, or planter containers.

Smaller baskets can be placed on shelves or within cubbies/cupboards to reduce and contain clutter for easy access.

Cultural Versatility & Basket Artistry

Every culture has its version of the woven storage basket. Not only does it form part of our Irish vernacular in rustic home accessories, but there are also great examples of woven baskets and tableware accessories from other cultures.

For example, you can find some beautiful decorative examples of multicoloured woven baskets from the African continent to South East Asia.  

Zero Assemble Combined With Easy-Cleaning

When it comes to woven storage baskets, assembly is a non-issue. With fewer moving parts, it's ready for use immediately.

In addition, storage Baskets are easy to clean. A  simple wipe with mild diluted soapy water will do the job. Thanks to the natural textures and colours, noticeable stains will not be visible or even an issue.

Ways to Use Wicker Baskets For Home Storage

Let us count how wicker storage baskets could add a valuable aesthetic to your home! Take a look at some of our ideas below:

Hallway Storage & Decluttering

This is probably the hardest working part of your home, with the highest footfall and a propensity for accumulating a wide range of family clutter.

A simple basket on the hall console table makes for a perfect catch-all for keys, phones, scarves and bags.

Have a big family? Aim for a series of baskets on the ground, with labels for each family member, if you’ve got several busy kids on the go.

Alternatively, line up a series of square wicker baskets that slot neatly into wall-mounted hallway shelving:

Want a more eclectic look? Line up mismatched baskets on the ground or suspend them from hooks.

A larger woven basket on the ground could also serve as an ideal umbrella and cane holder

Utility Room Decluttering

A close tie to the hallway, the utility room comes with a high volume of activity and use in a busy household. Most of us are handling laundry daily, especially in a busy household with multiple children.

There are multiple ways you could use baskets in this room:

  • Sorting and storing large piles of laundry in large linen-lined baskets with lids
  • Storing and organising cleaning products and accessories on the shelves
  • Handling waste material
  • Suspending smaller baskets off hooks for storing smaller items like pegs

We suggest using baskets with handles where possible, as this is where you’ll need a high degree of accessibility.

You should also use baskets lined with a linen or cotton fabric that can be washed and replaced. It makes perfect sense for protecting more delicate items and for preventing any soiling of the baskets by wet, damp clothes.

Here are some options

    • Our Large Black Wicker Basket With Liner comes in the following dimensions; (W)56 x (D)41 (H)45cm and is made from a durable wicker material and comes with a jute liner and stylish aluminium effect handles

    • Our Large Woven Cart With Wheels is a natural wicker log cart that has been manufactured to the highest quality, with a wooden bottom board to support the weight of a full cart of wooden logs. It can also be used as a laundry basket in a bathroom or bedroom, making it an excellent stand-alone feature. It also has a stylish design and will give your home a classic look & feel

Log Baskets for the Fireplace

Large statement wicker baskets woven in a thick, sturdy fibre are the perfect holder for logs and briquettes.

Here are some options for storing logs.

    • The Round Black Wicker Basket With Liner & Handles is ideal for storing fire logs These baskets come with a jute liner which will reduce the mesh. The basket comes in a depth of 39 cm, and is 45cm wide. You could use it for firelighters, kindling or fuel.

    • The Rope Oval Grey Willow Basket with Liner is ideal for transporting and holding coal and logs for the fire. The liner makes it easier to keep your fireplace clean as the small bits of wood and coal are all collected in the lining.

Soft Furnishings Drop Zone

Baskets make a perfect solution for any living room in winter. Use large standalone feature baskets to store excess cushions, throws, hot water bottles, and blankies.

Ensure you line them here with fabric so they don’t catch on the woven fibres.

This is also a perfect solution for bedrooms as an alternative to a trunk or chest at the end of the bed for storing soft bed accessories.

Here’s a tip - for an even less cluttered look, get large floor-standing baskets with matching lids.

    • A Set of 3 Round Kubu Baskets come in the following dimensions: Small: (H)45 x (W)36cm/Medium: (H)50 x (W)43cm/Large: (H)53 x (W)50cm

A Toy Room’s Best Friend

This is yet another room which sees a lot of activity and is an absolute clutter magnet. We love using baskets here because it is probably your fastest way to clear the floor of toys in a flash!

Ensure you get large room baskets with handles for the big soft toys. Get smaller ones for shelves for the itsy-bitsy items like lego and puzzles or doll’s clothes.

They can’t be too big! Size them so the kids can dive in and get access to their toys when they need them.

Here are some ideas:

    • This woven Round Basket with double handles is an Ideal stylish storage solution measuring (H)35 x (W)33cm.

    • You can also get them as a Set of Two Baskets Small & Large. The dimensions of these stylishly designed baskets are as follows; Small: (H)30 x (W)36cm and Large: (H)37 x (W)37cm

    • The Hemmingway Basket measures (H)36 x (W)35cm as a beautifully designed wicker basket

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