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Christmas is a Vibe! Seasonal Decorating Tips For all the 5 Senses

Christmas is a Vibe! Seasonal Decorating Tips For all the 5 Senses

It’s not just a feast for the eyes. Christmas is a vibe for all the senses! Give Christmas the full 360-degree approach with some of our Christmas Decorative ideas and accessories below.

Did you know Christmas decorations trigger happy hormones and a heartwarming nostalgia with real chemical effects? Check out this news article that spells out how Psychologists believe Christmas Decorating might make you happier?

Thinking of a Second Christmas Tree?

Are you thinking about setting up a dedicated children’s tree or a secondary tree in your family room?

If you have space for two trees in the home, you could get the fabulous natural tree into the main living room and set up a secondary artificial tree for the kids in the Den or family room.

Why do it? You could finally achieve that curated look in the grown-up’s tree in the sitting room. Decorate it with this year's latest finds, your carefully put-together colour-themed Christmas display or those precious heirloom antique pieces.

The ‘Casual’ tree is perfect for those novelty tree decorations, edible treats and anything that came back from the latest Christmas-themed workshop in school!

Christmas Tree Ideas

We found some great tips in this blog on 7 Things To Look For In An Artificial Tree.

Unlike the natural trees, it doesn't have to be huge. These are also perfect for those of us in tight urban locations or apartment living, where lugging a 6-foot pine into the lift just won’t do!

  • Our 5M LED Frozen Pine Tree with built-in lights is a simple yet elegant alternative
  • If you still want to keep a sense of scale - there are also artificial trees that can go up to 6-7- or 8 ft high in a variety of styles ranging from a Frosted look to Scots pine, Juniper Balsam /Icelandic Fir or a Fir with cones.

Bring the Christmas Sparkle Indoors

It's all about ‘glowing up’ for Christmas. Nothing helps us get through the darkest time of the year than the simple distraction of Christmas sparkle to beat Winter SAD syndrome.

There are many new innovative indoor installations that use energy-efficient LEDs to create an atmospheric glow in every corner. We love the alternative take on trees with inbuilt LED:

Self-Lighting Statement Trees

  • For a more contemporary look and to light up a dark corner of the house like the den, you could take this further with our LED Treein 120, 150 or 180 cm - perfect for smaller spaces. It has no faux foliage, just lots of sparkles! There are a variety of styles to pick - from classic to contemporary
  • Use the smaller ones such as our 5m Micro LED Outdoor Tree as an incidental or window display. Hang with incidental themed ornaments.
  • If you’re curating a pared-down minimalist Christmas within tight floor space, there’s even a tree for you. Check out the 120Cm Digital Rgb Cone Tree that’s all about the light with no messy foliage or moving parts in the way.

Incidental Ornamental Lights

As with all lighting, the best moods come with ambient lighting in the corners of your home. You could replace standard table lamps temporarily with some mood-enhancing festive alternatives.

You could go full kitsch with lit up trolls, frosty the snowman and woodland creatures.

Conversely, there are some geometric contemporary styled installations like the Battery Operated Cone Trees that can be arranged together or separately. If you have no Fireplace- these can help with creating a glow in the centre of the room.

Set A Tactile Christmas Scene

If you have an incidental side table, cabinet, shelving or several mantels to decorate, then you’ve got lots of choices these days with Christmas Nativity or Christmas Village scene-setting accessories.

Do you remember the tactile joy of handling figurines? They give us Proustian memories, full of the stories we would have made up around them.

Scene-Stealing Christmas Ornaments 

Is your Traditional Christmas Nativity scene due an upgrade? There are so many options out there but regardless of the one chosen, it’s a great way to impart the story of Christmas to our children and a gentle reminder of the spiritual core of the season.

  • They also light up now like our 20cm Battery Operated Nativity
  • There are also incidental; village and town scenes. Many come in the style of a continental Christmas village. For a minimalist Scandi inspired inspiration, check out our monochrome 44cm Wooden Church Scene that also lights up from within.
  • You could even make your own - Get the kids involved and create your own Diorama-like Christmas Book Scene from your favourite Christmas take or get a pop-up book version.
  • For some of us, these are collectables and heirlooms and a joy just to accumulate over time with new additions one by one, added year after year.

Christmas Smells

Potpourri Handmade Garlands

handmade garland of preserved foodstuffs including orange slices, limes, dried cinnamon sticks, bay leaves and cloves can be one of the most feel-good, earthy and organic Christmas decorations you could go for. Make it in advance or just buy ready-made components online - you can pick up a whole one in most Christmas markets too. Hang it in your hall so it doubles up as a hanging potpourri to infuse your entrance with the natural feel-good scents of a homemade Christmas.

Dressing your Mantel with natural garlands, or clove infused oranges will be the perfect way to diffuse those scents from the natural heat of the fireplace.

Light a Christmas Scented Candle

For backup,  pick up a seasonal Yankee Candle in 4 Christmas themed flavours to choose from. We love their sustainable glass holders that double up as cookie jars.

(Some of us have been known to collect these for an apothecary-like bathroom storage solution... Shh, Don’t tell! ) Talking about bathrooms, Be sure to get spares for the bathrooms too when you’re entertaining.

Curate Christmas Mood-Music

There’s a Christmas album for every type of mood so if you’re entertaining be sure to have a playlist. Use it to save hassle on the day you’re entertaining, or have this playlist ready to go when at home preparing for the big day.

We love having the traditional carols on when wrapping presents! Nothing beats that feeling in the run-up to Christmas.

Head into Spotify or Apple music for some Handy ready-made playlists or make one of your own to suit your tastes be it RnB, Jazz or Classical. You may want a chill-down list for those postprandial moments or something upbeat to greet the guests with as they arrive for the soiree.

We found some homely playlists you may love

It’s Starting To Taste A Lot Like Christmas

Gingerbread is a great way to entertain the kids and create homemade decorations for the tree. Not only does this fill your home with the right smells at bake time, it’s a simple sustainable way to create novelty edible AND Bespoke Christmas Tree Decorations.

All you have to do is go large with the Christmas themed cookie cutters, punch a hole at the top, and Bake! Get some icing colours, simple icing mix and have some ribbons on hand for hanging them up. And don’t get us started on gingerbread houses!

Also great to have these in pouches or jars as gifts for the neighbours or last-minute favours for guests...

Need Decorative Cookie Ideas? Check out this YouTube video on  How to Decorate an Ornament Cookie

Christmas Decorating Accessories, Sorted?

Shopping List

If you’re heading into any of our stores here’s a handy go-to shopping guide. Catch it online on our Christmas page or head to any Homevalue store to grab a brochure

So how will you be decorating your home for Christmas? Are there Christmas decorating tips that have been passed on within your family?

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