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How To Pack Smart For Your Next Camping Trip, Caravan Holiday Or Outdoor Festival.

How To Pack Smart For Your Next Camping Trip, Caravan Holiday Or Outdoor Festival.

Camping and caravanning can be amongst the most idyllic staycations, delivering the best our countryside has to offer, without the hassle of booking in advance, travelling overseas or big budgets.

Make it an even easier get-up-and-go moment for the family with our checklist and tips on how to pack smart for your next camping or outdoor festival getaway.

Tent Ticked?

There are a variety of contemporary tent solutions. Handy starter tents also make for extra outdoor sleeping space when in a Caravan or RV.

Regardless of which one you pick, make sure you tick off the following features.

1. Ensure it allows for easy setup and can fit a minimum of 2 people
2. Do attempt a test run in setting it up before your set out on the trip so you don’t   discover any unwarranted tears or need more instructions setting up.
3. Ensure your tent allows for maximum air ventilation.
4. A coated polyester material is usually good for ensuring the outer tent and    ground section gives you adequate protection. Source a waterproof ground sheet if your tent doesn’t come with one.

    The  Pavillo Cooldome 2 Tent would be a great place to start

    If setting up your tent requires a mallet, spare pegs and puller. Do put that on your packing list!

    Safety & Rescue Items

    There are a variety of rescue items you will always need for a variety of camping mishaps and breakdown scenarios. Pack the following: 

    • Tent repair kit
    • Paracord
    • Gaffer or Duct tape
    • Cable Ties
    • Sewing kit
    • Spare Bin Bags and Storage bags
    • Pocket Knife/ Swiss army knife

      Keep Lit And Energised

      Light and back-up energy sources are your best friend in the wilderness. Check-off these camping and outdoor holiday essentials that will keep you covered (in light).  

      • Spare batteries of various sizes
      • Portable charger and cables for your smart devices - find a solar powered one as backup.
      • Solar powered stake lights or fairy lights will help you save on batteries
      • Handheld torch
      • Head torch
      • A battery powered outdoor lantern
      • Fire blanket or portable fire extinguisher

        The MAXIMUS LED Lantern with 10W 350lm is a good multipurpose lantern that is ideal for camping, caravaning, working outdoors or even lighting up your patio back home.

        It is lightweight and easy to use and powered by Duracell batteries for long-lasting light. 

        When sourcing a head torch make sure you get one that comes with batteries included and is rechargeable, like The Ultralightpal 3W Head Torch.

        Get a torch with a telescopic zoom and 3 different light settings to work in all types of environments - perfect for camping!

        Cosy Up To The Heat

        The single biggest image we associate with camping is that primordial gathering around the campfire as we eat, talk, sing, tell stories and roast our smores.

        Keep it lit by making sure you have: 

        • Lighters and boxes of matches for your campfire or barbeques
        • Fuel for your camp stove and BBQ depending on the device you have.
        • Methylated Spirit is traditionally used as a fuel for alcohol burners, fondues and camping stoves.

          When it comes to cooking on site you may want to bring along a

          • Portable Camp Stove
          • Portable lightweight BBQ

            For a more containable campfire you could use a multipurpose RedFire Fire Pit Blazer. It comes with a grill that can be used as a BBQ. It includes mesh spark catcher and poker.   

            Seating & Campside Furniture

            Regardless of whether you’re sleeping in a camping tent or recreational vehicle / caravan, you’ll want to sit outside most of the time.

            Enjoy the summer weather and make the most of your natural surroundings with portable, foldable:

            • Camping Chairs
            • Foldable stools
            • Camping table for eating and preparing food
            • Outdoor water-resistant Mats/Picnic Blankets to sit on

              Find a 2 chair/table set that is foldable for easy storage.  Ideal for relaxing in the garden or while camping or fishing.  It should be very lightweight for easy movement around the camping area like this one.

              To protect yourself from the sun, consider the lightweight GARDEN COLLECTION 1.6 M Beach Parasol.

               It comes with a carry-bag for easy transportation. Ideal for the beach, picnics or camping to provide extra shade and protection against the sun.

              Forget The Fashion

              When packing your personal clothing for a camping trip don’t forget - The One-Shirt-Per-Day Rule is the best way. Wear the same clothes for the whole camping day at a time, to save on space

              It is wise to just pack 1 piece of clothing per clothing type. Ideally one pair of jeans, shorts etc except for socks

              • Make sure you bring dry-fit performance gear or cotton-made clothes for extra comfort
              • Breathable decent light-weight outdoor rain gear is necessary
              • A poncho in any climate is also a very efficient way to stave off those torrential downpours
              • Darker clothes don’t stain so best to stick to those Socks! You‘ll need to make sure there’s enough to protect your feet for hiking a hot climate or warm wooly ones for the cold

                Want to Sleep Soundly?

                There’s more than one way to bed down for the night when camping.

                Remember, the cold comes through to your body from the ground. If sleeping directly on the floor, you’ll need an insulating layer of some kind to protect you.

                ● For handy daytime lounging or back-up sleep space, go for an easy portable wide hammock.
                ● Sleeping bags are easy to come by and essential even as backup. They double up as additional ground cover or duvet cover if you have a camp cot or bed.
                ● Try a portable Airbed for added comfort. They come in Single or double options.

                  If using an Airbed - find one with a wave beam flocked design for a comfortable nights sleep and a plug-in air pump included. These can be  used indoors or outdoors - Ideal for camping trips or when guests are staying over .

                  For example - The Blow Up Bed 74X54" With Air Pump is an air mattress made from a tough PVC material.

                  Food, Drink & Sustenance!

                  This is probably where common sense planning could go a long, long way.

                  Stay Hydrated

                  • A Water filter or filtering device will help you recycle natural sources of water
                  • Consider bringing a water carrier that folds flat to save on space
                  • Assorted personal water bottles with built in water filters should be in everyone’s personal luggage too. 

                  Food Safety & Storage When Camping

                  You’ll definitely need a Cooler bag and Picnic Canteen.

                  Here’s a tip - freeze food and drink before inserting into the cool box.

                  It is a known fact that the fuller your cool box is packed, the more effective it will be in keeping those perishable contents cool.

                  Pre-prepped ingredients from home like chopped onions and vegetables speeds up campsite cooking.

                  Types of Food

                  • Simple dried food canned
                  • Vacuumed packed meats
                  • Vacuumed pre-cooked perishable food
                  • Spray oil for frying or toasting
                  • Camp hack - Collect miniature condiment sachets each time you go to a fast food location for your camping trip

                    Outdoor Kitchen Kit

                    If you can do the following aim to have the following packed into your portable Kitchen Kit

                    • Spatulas / serving spoon
                    • Multipurpose Kitchen Scissors,
                    • Bottle / can opener
                    • Tongs for the BBQ 

                    Go one step further with the Travel BBQ with a cooler bag. Perfect for BBQs on the go whilst also keeping food cool before cooking.

                    On an environmental note - use reusable or biodegradable utensils in your canteen or Wooden versions that can be dropped into the fire when done

                    Take it easy with the Toiletries

                    Here is a no brainer checklist to help you save on luggage space

                    • 1 Toothbrush per person & 1 toothpaste, tube for the whole camp
                    • Bar of soap for laundry
                    • Bar of Soap for bathing
                    • Unisex deodorant for the cam p to share,
                    • Protective lotions and medications
                    • A First Aid Kit
                    • Insect repellent
                    • Toilet paper
                    • Hand sanitiser and antibacterial wipes
                    • Pack Quick-Drying Microfiber Towels where possible

                      Don’t Forget to Play Outside!

                      That’s right! Don’t forget you’re there to enjoy yourself! A Frisbee, beach ball or paddle ball set will go a long way 

                      Grab that battery powered outdoor speaker that will work well with your smartphone hotspot.

                      You will enjoy the natural surroundings even more if you pack walking books, wildlife books for your area and a paper map of the area.

                      Your Homevalue Shopping List

                      Your all-in-one camping / outdoor holiday shopping list:

                        Stop by our Camping section to catch an overview of the supplies and brands available

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