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Outdoor Decor Ideas that will Make your Balcony a Mini Haven

Outdoor Decor Ideas that will Make your Balcony a Mini Haven

We’ve got some handy little options to get you started if you have a small balcony in need of a makeover. Even the smallest urban balcony has the potential to be a tiny outdoor haven with the right paint and the ideal outdoor furniture!

We also understand that balconies come in different shapes and sizes so there’s something here for everyone.

Quick tips for Balcony Furniture

Make sure you source furniture that is weather-resistant.

When using cushions or other soft furnishings,  ensure these are Water-Repellent and that fabrics used outdoors are ideally UV Resistant, so they don’t fade.

To make your balcony more homely and irresistible in the evenings, don’t forget to add a throw or two.

Pick lightweight furniture that won’t be difficult to move indoors or out at a moment’s notice.

If you’re living in an apartment block, make sure your lift or stairwell is large enough to take in any benches or furniture you may want to install.

Reimagine your Balcony Surfaces

The good news? It’s just a tiny floor space, so it won’t break the bank if you’re adding surface material like flooring or painting. 

Balcony Flooring

One of the easiest ways to add more comfort and personality to your mini outdoor space is to make it a pleasure to set foot in. Literally.

  • Check out our simple range of weather-resistant Garden Rugs. These sustainable options are made from recycled polypropylene material. An ideal addition to brighten up balconies. They are made with material that is easy to clean & maintain, in a range of 6 designs measuring 120cm X 180cm.
  • Interlocking deck tiles are also a great way to add comfort and texture underfoot whilst being weather resistant and hardy

Decorating a Balcony? Think Vertical!

When you have a tiny balcony floor space, think of your vertical spaces as another way to maximise your space.

Hang it Up

  • Suspending a rattan egg chair through a secure hook in the ceiling is a sure-fire way to win if floor space is an issue
  • You can also use a standing or floor-mounted egg- chair if suspending one is problematic. Look at our extensive catalogue for multiple Egg-chair styles that are perfect for adding that bit of comfort and glamour to your garden! There are even double-seater versions for those of you with more room
  • There is also a Foldable Egg- Chair style - making it easy to store  with a maximum load capacity of 136kg due to its light-weight aluminum frame with polyester cushions 
  • Alternatively, invest in a hammock that can be taken up or down at a moment’s notice

A word of caution - do check with building management as to the recommended suspension hooks that should be used and the weight-bearing limits of your balcony ceilings. This will impact your neighbour's floor overhead.

Vertical Planting

Furniture aside, you can also dress up your balcony space with easy vertical planting, such as

  • Hanging baskets
  • Planting creepers against a wall-mounted trellis
  • Vertical wall-mounted plant pots suspended on a wire frame
  • Balcony rail plant boxes
  • Use our simple Plant stands. A great way to create plant displays. Our Bordeaux Mosaic Plant Stand has a mosaic three-shelf rack with a taupe powder-coated frame. A beautiful addition to any outdoor space or conservatory with a matching bistro set available

This way, your love for a soothing green environment will not eat up valuable floor space, leaving more room for you to enjoy the view. 

Build in a Bench on your Balcony

Building a simple bench against a balcony side wall suntrap is the best way to add furniture without eating up floor space too. You’ll find all the right materials here at Homevalue - just ask a friendly member of the team to get you started with the right kit

Make your own bench

You could make your own bench cushions or source them ready-made - for example, consider the

Our Garden Collection 2-Seater or 1-seater Bench Cushions: These polyester outdoor cushions are perfect for Benches and come in a range of colours.

Simple 2-seater benches for the Balcony

Alternatively, consider a simple 2 -seater bench. There are many options, but our suggestion is to go for something that’s not too wide for the lift or stairwell and is light enough to carry.

Here are some ideas

  • Like the bistro sets, our Persia Bench is light and elegant. It boasts a pretty mosaic detail. It is able to be used as a set with the matching bistro set available.

2 Chairs and a Table

If you can, all you need to fit in is a simple 2 chairs and a table bistro set to make this mini haven an adorable breakfast or brunch area for those balmy summer days, or a cosy spot with a glass of wine in the evenings.

Start with any one of these furniture ideas :

  • Our Dark Wicker Chair is perfect on its own and in a pair with any table, high or low. It is a Stackable rattan dining chair that is versatile. Add to any table to create a dining or lounge set, inside or outside. Perfect for patios, gardens or conservatories alike.
  • If you have a bit more leg room, then consider adding our 2 Seater Wicker Bistro set - This five-piece rattan bistro set Includes a footrest for each chair, cushions and a side table - it is also perfect for smaller spaces as the footrests tuck away under both chairs for easy storage
  • Consider a lightweight Bistro set like our Odessa, Persia or Avalon Bistro sets. These are lightweight and elegant with Mosaic detail on tabletop and chairs. They are also foldable chairs for easy storage.

Check out our Furniture catalogue

There you have it! Some very simple ideas to get you started with your balcony do-over

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Is your Balcony garden a sight to behold already? Why don’t you share your balcony decorating ideas with us on Facebook and Instagram!

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