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Party like It’s 2022! 3 Trendy Christmas Themes This Year

Party like It’s 2022! 3 Trendy Christmas Themes This Year

For many of us, the classic red, white, gold and even green colour palette have always been a regular Christmas decorating trend.

Nevertheless, other Christmas trends & themes this year may be picking up on our current cultural and aesthetic zeitgeist.

Ready to party this December? Fancy looking at other decorating trends you could play with this Christmas 2022?

Love Luxury? Aim for Art Deco and The Roaring 20s

Image is taken from hollygoeslightly.co.uk. Design inspiration for the dining room

Love a bit of luxury?

As ominous as the roaring twenties sound, the same groundbreaking and paradigm-shifting forces are afoot now in the 2020s as they were in the 1920s.

So you shouldn’t be surprised to learn about the growing popularity of the Vintage Art Deco trend and how it is almost Byzantine luxe aesthetic is making itself felt in 2022.

Art deco is all about gilt edges, angles and Egyptian-inspired geometry. A departure from chintz, classical looks. A modern glance towards a sparkly metallic future focused on surfaces and finishes.

How to achieve a Luxury Metallic Art Deco Christmas?

  • Go for geometric shapes in golden, bronze, or silver finishes
  • Play with feathered or opalescent ornaments
  • Think string of pearls, not cheap plastic tinsel
  • Gem-inspired glass and crystalline ornaments with faceted finishes
  • Gold or silver on black, deep Prussian blue and dark jewelled colour palettes
  • Time to bring out the sequins and the mirrored ball
  • Velveteen fabric with gilt and sequined edges
  • Go for a blue-tinged or clear-white fairy light effect on your tree fairy lights

Stock up on these

Go from Nordic Cool to German Market Nostalgia

Taken from rogersgardens.com “A naturally beautiful Christmas”

If your sensitivities veer towards Scandi simplicity, simple cottage core-inspired living and a good dollop of nostalgia and nature, then there's a new take on this trend for you.

Bring an old-school European feel to your Christmas decor with earthy German-market-inspired ornaments that also deliver intricate detail.

It brings back echoes of a more sustainable time when decorations were handcrafted and made from natural materials, albeit with a contemporary feel.

How to achieve the Vintage German look?

  • Think nutcracker suite-style wooden soldier characters, dolls and vintage prints
  • Go for laser-cut wooden ornaments, gingerbread houses and ornaments
  • House-shaped tealight holders with light emerging from the windows
  • Old-school clockwork-style ornaments like carousels and Christmas-scene dioramas
  • Recreate the village scene on the mantelpiece with painted miniature pieces
  • Use Paper cut scenes, star paper wreaths and ornaments
  • Place an advent wreath made of holly on a prominent table in your home
  • Decorate using natural foliage and dried foodstuffs like evergreen sprigs, holly, scented clove and orange balls and botanicals
  • Go for a warm single colour fairy light with a candle effect on your tree lights.

Get the Props

  • Get the rustic look with our 44cm Wooden Church Scene - a one-piece set that lights up & is battery operated
  • Our 17 Piece, Christmas Street Scene, will add a touch of retro German style to your with a street scene that lights up & is battery operated
  • There’s also a Christmas Book Scene - a unique decoration that will brighten up your home with battery-operated lights. Perfect for any shelf or mantel piece
  • Our 38cm Candle Bridge Pine stand lends that nostalgic feel to your window displays. This wooden stand comes in W)40 x (H)30cm with a cable Length of 1.5m, 7 Warm White Lights and a Wooden Stand
  • Go for our 1500 Multi-Action LED TreeBrights in Warm White. They also come with a timer function for 8 Hours on / 16 Hours off. These Christmas tree lights are ideal for 8 Ft Christmas trees & can also be used indoors or outdoors with a Multi-action or static function setting.

Make it Maximalist with Futuristic NEON Brights

Taken from trenddesignbook.com Christmas decor trends 2022-2023

Had your fill of nostalgia? This one is for gamers, techie/techno enthusiasts and the future forward types. This colour palette is inspired by a digital world, neon and light effects.

Tired of minimalism? Time to go full camp, total drag and lash on the candy-coloured dopamine brights. This trend is also about a more cheerful, bold, and playful look at Christmas and furthers the post-pandemic dopamine colour trend.

There’s even room for some funky, quirky retro appeal as well.

Get the Funky Neon Look this Christmas

  • Go retro by digging up that old lava lamp or fibre optic light installation
  • Use vibrant colour options and lighting elements in your ornaments
  • Use neon wall hangings or ornaments
  • Pick up some led strip lighting, mount a dazzling zany wall design, or use it on bannisters and doorways
  • Go for space-inspired, futuristic tree ornaments in chrome or acid brights
  • Think pride-inspired rainbow dressing
  • Think quirky one-off pieces in clear plastic, Perspex or glassy, mirrored materials
  • Quirky clashing tableware is expected as long as each piece adds a new splash of colour
  • Don’t hesitate to splash on the sequins, tassels or pom poms as long as they’re in a bright contrasting colour
  • Use colourful lanterns and multicoloured fairy lights
  • Be ironic - Mix retro 70s elements like cheap tinsel with ironic quirky contemporary ornaments like spacemen or Disney figurines

Check out these props

  • Up your fairy light game with these Multi-colour 1500 Multi-action LED TreeBrights - these have a timer function that is 8 Hours on / 16 Hours off. It comes in a 37.5M lit length with a  5m lead cable. These Christmas tree lights are ideal for 8 Ft Christmas trees & can also be used indoors or outdoors. It also has a Multi-action setting, including a static function.
  • Falling Snow Christmas Projector LED - This LED falling snow light Christmas projector is perfect for giving your home that stand-out Christmas look. It comes with a remote control and an adapter with a timer. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Get the futuristic effect with our 150Cm Digital Rgb Spiral Tree - This spiral light tower comes with 98 smart RGB led lights inside a clear tube, boasting a lead length of 2m and includes a remote control
  • Add more candy-coloured surrealism outdoors with our Set of 4 Spiral LED Trees. These 4 multicolour led spiral tree pathfinder stake lights also come with 40 multicoloured LED bulbs. Light up both Indoor or Outdoor locations, such as pathways or driveways

Christmas Decorating Tips

In case you missed it, we’ve also made you some handy Christmas Decorating tips when you are ready to start dressing up at home for the festive season!

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