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Ways to Keep the Kids Cool (and Busy) Outdoors This Summer

Ways to Keep the Kids Cool (and Busy) Outdoors This Summer

Despite the back-to-school ads, there’s still a lot of time to enjoy the soaring temperatures in August. You may want to give the kids a chance to cool down once in a while with some water, play outside, or even the time in the shade with some nature-loving craft projects.

Have a WET Paddle Pool Party

This is an absolute no-brainer, and here’s the thing, you could even take turns in the neighbourhood to host one during the summer weeks.

But it’s not enough just to fill the pool with water. You may want to bring in some games.

If they're older, set some safe yet fun and super wet challenges like the good old ice bucket challenge! Perfect for TikTok afficionados!

Paddle Pool Options

  • The Bestway Fast Set 6-Foot Pool is an excellent place to start.
    • It comes as a complete set and features an inflatable swimming pool and a repair patch
    • Set up within 10 minutes; just select a level surface to inflate the top ring, and the pool will rise as it’s filled up with water
    • It contains a simple flow control drain valve for easy draining and disassembly too. What’s more, you can easily attach hose with the included adapter and drain the water away, ready for storage when not in use
    • Made from durable Tri-tech material for greater strength; water capacity 940L, assembled size 6ft x 20in (1.83m x 51cm)

Looking for a cool time for an older gang?

  • Try the more advanced and portable, Durable, Insulated BestWay Miami AirJet. It’s a firm favourite and great value for money!
    • It has plenty of space for up to four people and is perfect for couples or a family
    • It comes with an 81 AirJet™ massage system
    • And when autumn creeps in rest assured it will deliver a 40°C Rapid Heating System with an energy-saving timer

However, the smaller tots and wobblers may want to splash about in a more shallow pool. Make them feel one of the party with…

  • The Large Double-Sided Sand Pit is a delightful shell-shaped mould that can contain either sand or water and is suitable for ages over 12 months
    • It can function as a plastic sand pit with the other functioning as a Lid
    • Alternatively, the lid can also be used for water

Water Fight in your Backyard!

Little ones will love a spot of cowboys and Indians with some water guns. Older ones could replicate their favourite quasar moments too but with water balloons as ammo.

It’s a brilliant way to indirectly keep your plants and lawn watered come to think of it!

Here are some ideas for making your outdoor a mini water fun park..

  • The BestWay Scoops of Fun Sprinkler is a fantastic addition to any garden, providing hours of entertainment.
    • A sprinkler that can be attached to your hose that includes a ring toss game
    • There is also a heavy-duty repair patch included
  • Younger tots may prefer the BestWay Fantastic Lifeguard Play Centre. It has been designed with many colours to make it appealing and fun for your little ones
    • The water tower has a sprayer that attaches to a standard garden hose that sprays water when sliding down the little slide
    • It also includes a detachable slide and floating shark
  • The truly accomplished Water Babies will love the BestWay Lil' Flapper Snorkel Set . This Snorkel Set is perfect for the little explorer in your family!
    • The fins come with an adjustable heel strap and lots of give
    • The Swim mask also features safety lenses to ensure a fun and safe experience. It contains a soft, leak-resistant skirt made with a UV-resistant material.

DIY Sponge Bombs

These can be a great alternative to Water balloons which may leave bits of plastic everywhere and may be unsustainable if you do not wish to consume too much plastic in the process of having fun.

The sponge bombs can be used again and again guaranteeing you active playtime fun all Summer long!

Ways To Keep Kids Safe In Bigger Waterways

If you’re venturing further afield into ponds, lakes and the many incredible beaches on our beautiful island this summer, be sure to stop by any of our affiliated stores to grab one of these handy little water aids.

  • If you have a baby making its first foray into the water - consider a BestWay Triple Ring Baby Seat Step A. Young toddlers and babies can get to grips with the water and gain confidence splashing about with parental supervision in one of these.
    • It comes with the Swim Safe Premium Baby Swim Support (Step A) featuring a secure seat position and an inflatable backrest to support your child
    • They will have plenty of space to move meaning they can learn to kick and propel themselves using their legs whilst being kept well afloat by 3 air chambers for added buoyancy
    • Suitable for ages 0-1
  • The BestWay Tropical Swim Vest is a secure option for the next step up.
    • It comes in a fun colourful tropical design
    • Made from high-quality PVC material
    • Recommended for ages between 36 months to 6 years
  • Bestway Armbands are an excellent option for preschoolers who may prefer practicing their swim strokes. Perfect for helping children become confident swimmers
    • There are 2 air chambers per armband
    • Two armbands per pack
    • These come in assorted colours
  • Once they graduate into accomplished swimmers, you can let them loose with the BestWay Weekend Tube! Perfect for water games and splashing about if they’re playing in deeper waters - a backup safety net.
    • These also come in a variety of colours and measure 102m in diameter

How are you keeping the kids cool these days?

Stop by our Outdoor Play Section to catch an overview of the supplies and brands available or take a look at our recent catalogue here.

Have you more clever summer cooling options to add? Share them

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