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7 Easy Ways To Make Your Garden A Magical Place To Gather

7 Easy Ways To Make Your Garden A Magical Place To Gather

Are you planning a summer get-together in your garden or backyard for that long-awaited family and friends reunion? Make the event extra special with our tips on making your back garden a venue to remember.

These tips also double as great garden design ideas if you a looking to refresh your garden or outdoor space at a time (and the year) when it will probably get the most use!

Read on for some easy upgrades you can do.

1. Who’s Up For Some Bunting?

Bunting is a no-brainer when it comes to party decor that adds fast festive colour to any old wall or space

Don’t be afraid to go homemade and recycle scraps of fabric lying around. Just cut the fabric into triangles, staple the cutouts to a long piece of fabric string or ribbon and voila! You’ve got yourself a bit of homemade reusable bunting.

Why not get the kids on to this project whilst you are preparing your party?

2. Light Up The Place

Nothing says “Party” and “Glamour” in less than 6 seconds (that’s how long it takes to make a strong visual impression) than a quick splash of fairy lights.

It’s enough to distract your guest from the less than optimal parts of your garden when the sun goes down, functional in its own way and the fastest way to set the mood for nighttime atmospherics.

Make sure you invest in multifunctional lights meant for both the outdoors and indoors. Check out our 50 LED M-A B-O Warm White LED Lights with a built-in timer for even more functionality.

Why not add in your own sustainable alternative? Collect old condiment & jam jars, fill them with all those leftover candles you’ve been accumulating. Now get some garden wire from the hardware store and string them along the perimeter or off the tree branches of your garden.

You could also source some outdoor candles and place them in Hurricane lamps or extra-large bottles and jars.  Why not make your own paper lanterns too?

3. Have A Hang! Delight Them With Hanging Chairs & Hammocks

For that romantic statement piece at any outdoor party, why not invest in a hanging woven chair. All the range with the gals these days!  Our alternative style to the egg chair comes with complete cushions for base and backrest support.

But the lads will love any ole Hammock whether it’s homemade or store-bought. Great for a couple of people hanging together. We’re sure you’ll be using it for that apres party hangover too!

4. Add Colour Underfoot With Garden Rugs

Cover up any grubby paving or scrappy bits of lawn with Garden Rugs usually woven with water-resistant materials in a variety of colours.

Great underfoot for barefoot toddlers and babies too as an added bit of protection for tender toes. Or lovely as an impromptu corner for the kids to sit and play.

An ideal addition to brighten up gardens, conservatories or balconies even.

Our garden rugs are available in a range of 6 designs and made from a recycled polypropylene material that is washable and easy to maintain, measuring 120cm X 180cm.

5. Paint In Some Stencils

Talking about colour - here is a creative way for you to add a little bit of design-led decor to your garden walls. Turn the plainest garden wall into a feature area and selfie starting point for those garden parties.

Copy and scale any geometric design you fancy onto some large cardboard ideally in an A3/A2 size at a minimum. Cut out sections to create a stencil you can paint through. Find some leftover coloured paint or get some small cans here in our Painting and Decorating section and smoke small brushes. Pick a dry day before your party and start creating your very own wall art!

6. Gazebos & Parasols For All-Weather Garden Parties

Let’s face it, the white elephant in any (outdoor) party event is the weather. Not all of us have a massive verandah to shelter in, so let’s look at some easy options that’ll keep our guests dry and happy.

Easy to Assemble Parasols

Our 2.7m steel parasols are a quick step in the right direction, with various coloured tops. Find one with a crank for easy winding up and down, a strong steel tube sturdy enough to withstand adverse weather conditions and Polyester fabric for water resistance

For a space needing more coverage like a large dining table,  even from the sun  - go for a Hanging 3M Parasol with a crank that lets you take it up or down in a jiffy. 

Go for Gazebos

For larger gardens and lawns hosting more elaborate events like communions and weddings, you may want a 3m steel-framed gazebo for protecting a buffet or the BBq station.

Find a stylish round or square shape. Our gazebos boast a sturdy tubular steel construction, 160g polyester cover and side panels to keep chills and breezes away on cooler evenings.

7. Warm-Up At Sundown With Outdoor Firepits

Let those precious outdoor parties stretch into the night as dusk approaches with a Firepit. Great for that apres-party moment when the close-knit stragglers stay back for a longer natter. 

Give your garden event a campy vibe and encourage a whole new set of conversations as you toast the evening with marshmallows and a late-night tipple around the outdoor fire.

Make sure you keep a selection of snug blankets and throws on standby for extra comfort for your garden party guests.

If you invest in our RedFire Fireplace Sauda fire pit, it comes with the added chimney feature that ensures rising smoke diverts vertically away from your guest’s eyes.

The dual-purpose  BBGrill Matanzas fire pit plancha also comes with wood storage and a grill at just 60cm in height & 62cm in diameter.  It will add a stylish & modern look and feel to any garden. 

Ready To Give Your Outdoor Space Some Love.

Have these items to hand with our shopping list

Fabric offcuts and some cloth ribbon
Handheld Stapler
Garden Wire or thin gauge wire
Assorted paint in various colours
Small paintbrush
Thing cardboard for stencilling
Outdoor candles
Hurricane lamps
50 LED M-A B-O Warm White LED Lights
Garden Rugs
Hanging woven chair
7m steel parasols
Steel-framed gazebo
RedFire Fireplace Sauda
BBGrill Matanzas firepit plancha

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