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Turn Your Backyard Into A Funtastic Play Space In 10 Easy Steps

Turn Your Backyard Into A Funtastic Play Space In 10 Easy Steps

Schools out for summer and the kids need to keep active and outdoors in between those hard-to-get-into Summer camps. This blog is for you if you've got a bit of room in that backyard or front garden to make it happen.

Here are a few simple ideas that will keep the kids occupied, hale and healthy in the summertime. 

Multipurpose Nets And Portable Goalposts

● 2 or even 3 in one Goalposts

With the UEFA European Football Championships, GAA season and Rugby internationals fresh in everyone’s mind, what better way to keep the lads (and gals) motivated, occupied in the fresh air than a simple two-in-one goalpost?

They’re so light even the kids will be able to move them around. Just as good in a cul de sac or driveway for those of us without a massive backyard lawn.  Try to get one with 10ft, 2 in 1 goal post with a net and ground pegs included.

 Get Going with Basketball

If you have got a large tarmacked driveway or a pretty safe culdesac why not consider a Junior Basketball Set. Basketball is great for improving hand-eye coordination. Our basketball net comes with a high-impact backboard and an easy-to-assemble stand. 

The Perfect Portable Playthings

 Frisbees Forever!

This is a no-brainer. If your mini-mes get bored with a basic game of catch, just throw in a frisbee.

Possible the most portable outdoor plaything ever next to your average soccer ball. So easy to take with you on any picnic. The dog will love it too!

● Portable Table Tennis Set

These days it’s easy to find a portable table tennis net that will adapt to and stretch across any table. Bring with you for use on any picnic table or even indoors during wet weather.

Just add to Table tennis paddles and a bag of ping pong balls for hours of fun just about anywhere.

Create A Tiny Tot Outdoor Haven

If you have very little ones, make sure they’ve got a safe space to do their own pottering about.

● Playhouses for a Variety of Sizes

Both boys and girls will find it hard to resist a playhouse. It will be the perfect distraction whilst you get one with the gardening. Perfect for playdates. Whether it’s for entertaining the dollies with an outdoor picnic set or setting up a solid base for a game of cops and robbers.

You could start with something easy like a Pop-Up children’s playhouse that’s made from PVC, so it's durable, light and easy to assemble with no tools are required.

For a little bit more strength and sturdiness get a Playhouse in Plastic made from durable, weather-proof plastic that could also keep them comfortable in wet weather.

Both options will be easy to clean.

Bigger playhouses need a 2-person assembly job such as the Playhouse IGOR measuring 1450 x 1300 x 1450 mm. It will deliver a maximum weight capacity of 50kg and is suitable for a wider range of children from 3 to 12 years old

Tools required for assembling include; 1 electrical screwdriver, 1 cross-headed screwdriver, hammer & wrench (10-13-19)

 Set up a Sandpit

Even the tiniest tots will love a sandpit for great free, creative and sensory play!

Start them off with a large Double-Sided SandPit that comes with a lid that can be neatly folded over or used for holding water. Find one that is suitable for all ages over 12 months

Alternatively, build your own:

  1. Start by removing a section of turf from a selected area of your garden.
  2. Create a border to hold the sand in by digging a narrow 70mm deep trench around the perimeter of the area.
  3. Used sleepers to create the border or recycle wooden pallets. 
  4. You get to determine the dimensions of your sandpit with the depth of the bordering material.
  5. Fill sandpit with fine washed sand 

Swing Away!

A tyre swing will always be a great place for a literal hang!

All you need is a sturdy old tyre ( make sure sure you patch it for holes so it’s not going to leak on you after the rain) and source some very sturdy rope. Perhaps nail in that rope for good measure and of course ….a great big sturdy strong old tree to hang from!

Backyard Camping

Get more use out of your camping gear and tent by giving them a backyard camping sleepover on those hot muggy nights. Throw in a few picnic blankets for flooring, and a sleeping bag for good measure plus a torchlight for late-night chats!

Make it even more magical by choosing a clear night for some stargazing especially if you have a telescope in the house.

Keep Them Cool Home & Away

● Cool at Home

With the muggy weather and no guarantee of accessing a swimming pool anytime soon, you can still cool down the kids in a variety of fun ways this summer.

A simple blow-up paddling pool could come to the rescue in no time especially if you have an electric air pump. They come in a variety of sizes ranging from a small 6ft wide -10ft wide circular option or a longer rectangular family-sized pool for bigger yards.

Make it a fun playdate as a mini ‘pool party’ with games for the bigger kids. Check out our shopping list below for some options. 

● Water Fight!

Even if you don’t have a set of killer water pistols, you could still unleash a deadly water fight on those hot summer days with a few water balloons or spare party balloons lying about the house.

Sprinkler toys on the market will take that water party one step further!  The BestWay Scoops of Fun Sprinkler for example provides hours of entertainment with a sprinkler that can be attached to your hose and it also includes a ring toss game. It even comes with a heavy-duty repair patch included just in case!

 For Outdoor Swim Adventures

You’ll need a bit of storage for these. There is a list of handy swim and water sport items you can pick up in any homevalue.ie store;  essential for all those sea, river and lake swims this summer.

Pick up a handy Bestway Dinghy Set. It has a 3 air chamber construction, interlocking quick-release valves, a 360° grab rope with built-in grommets and a heavy-duty handle, with sturdy oarlocks, oar clasps & a tow ring embedded.

It includes one pair of 49” oars and a 5” foot pump. There is also a sturdy pre-tested vinyl with a repair patch included

Snorkel Set is also perfect for the little explorer in your family. Find fins with adjustable heel straps and a swim mask with safety lenses and a soft, leak-resistant skirt.

The fins in our range feature a UV resistant material that is soft, and comfortable with the help of an adjustable heel strap.

For safety and more playtime - make sure you stock up on inflatable vests for the little ones or stock up on smaller swim jackets.

For added honest to goodness fun, have a beach ball in that trunk always and why not make a splash with the Bestway Weekend Tube for floating about  - they come 1.02m in diameter in a variety of colours. 

Handy Checklist To Get You Started

Shopping list

        Why not stop by our Outdoor Play Section to catch an overview of the supplies and brands available 

        What’s your Secret for injecting Fun into your Outdoor space?

        So there you have it. A few ideas to keep the children active and occupied during those warm summer days ranging from the very simple DIY moments to those requiring a teensy bit of investment  .

        Have you got some easy to apply outdoor fun ideas for your backyard?

        Why not tell us on Facebook and Instagram and share your handiwork

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