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8 Camping Quick Wins for your Irish Staycation

8 Camping Quick Wins for your Irish Staycation

Camping has come a long way since we were in the scouts, and there are efficient ways (and products) to make it a more efficient, comfortable and hassle-free experience.

Here are some quick wins.

Inflatables Items for Camping Comfort & Easy Packing

Pack an Air Pump

Inflatable furniture is a clever camping solution. Make big things happen with less packing. Pack an air pump. It will go a long way to support multiple items like pool toys, inflatable swim vests for the kids, beds, and more.

Here are some practical inflatables that will be great both at home and on holiday.

Sleep Better When Camping

It’s no holiday if you’re going to emerge exhausted from your time away. Here’s an investment that will deliver more than a comfortable night at camp.

Investing in an Aerobed is an absolute no brainer for any household in Ireland! Think about it.

You will have an easy to pack, comfy bed for any camping ground. But you’ll also have a great backup option if settling into any staycation property in need of more bed space. Stick your sleeping bag on top for added comfort, or unzip your sleeping bag to create a duvet.

In addition, it's the perfect investment for keeping in the storeroom at home for visiting guests and the kids’ sleepover parties.

The Comfortable Flocked Bestway Pavillo Airbed comes in double and single sizes, or you could go for a single Intex Airbed.

Inflatable Dual-purpose Loungers

The Bestway Comfi Cube Deluxe Lounger could turn any outdoor setting into an irresistible relaxation spot or work well poolside.

It is easy to set up, comfortable and sturdy. It boasts a sturdy coil beam construction for added durability that can take a maximum weight limit of 330 pounds.

Have it as an add-on to the camper van or mobile home outdoor furniture. The highly supportive back and side rests will also let you double up the lounger as a backup sleeping option for children.

You can even use it in playrooms or bedrooms. Perfect for gamers!

Add Air for a Water Adventure!

Do more on the water without having to wait for boat hire. Why not pick up an inflatable dinghy to take advantage of the waterways of Ireland or enjoy some recreational activities when lakeside or beachside camping?

Bestway Kondoor 2000 Dinghy Set is a handy investment for injecting more fun and adventure waterside or by the pool.

  • Ideal for having a recreational trip in the pool or on a quiet lake, delivering a maximum load capacity of 120kg
  • It is made of pre-tested vinyl, making it more sturdy and durable
  • A specially designed floor also makes the boat more comfortable
  • Safety-wise, there is a 360° grab rope with built-in grommets to allow you to get back into the boat with ease
  • It comes with heavy-duty handles, a 1-foot pump, and 1 repair kit for extra safety

Aim for Dual Purpose and Combo Carriers

Find dual-purpose or combination products when packing smart for your next staycation, outdoor expedition or camping trip.

Multi-purpose Camping Bags for Partying!

Consider the  TALA Tote with Free Camping Lantern Speaker. It gives you a sturdy rigid frame and an adjustable strap with a padded handle.

  • The frame makes it a secure carrier for fragile items and electrical goods. In addition, the multiple pockets inside and out make this a handy depository for camping tools
  • It also comes with Free Bluetooth Integrated 3W speaker. Connect it to your mobile device’s music player via Bluetooth using a 3.5mm jack plug audio cable (not included)
  • It also has a built-in rechargeable battery for the built-in lantern that provides 7 hours of lighting. In addition, you will get a beam distance of 8m, and a push-button dimmer
  • What’s more, the whole device uses weather-resistant housing with a built-in hanging hook

Safety Must-Haves

Fire Safety Camping Accessories

Being out on your own, far away from facilities when camping or in a campervan, means taking extra precautions for safety. Fire safety is paramount as you may not have a ready hose or water on tap.

Pack a combo Fire Safety kit with Fire Extinguisher and Fire Blanket to ensure you are covered for more than one type of fire, especially if you’re starting a campfire or barbeque on the staycation.

It is suitable for use on class A, B and C fires and has been tested for extinguishing fat fires on kitchen stoves, camping trips and BBQs.  It doesn’t take much training to use. 

Lighting up the Camp

Lighting Up Efficiently at Camp

Head torches may be the most efficient way to keep your path lit when hiking in the wilderness, heading out on the water or moving around your camp in the dark. Ideal for using while camping, reading, walking, fishing and all outdoor activities.

They are also a lifesaver when stuck in a roadside emergency or a breakdown that needs task lighting on the spot.

It is a good investment for everyday jobs at home too. Get a head torch with an adjustable head strap and built-in safety reflectors to be suitable for all professional and DIY jobs.

Invest in a powerful and lightweight 3-watt torch like the Ultralight Rechargeable Head Torch 3W. This led head torch will provide 5 times brighter light!

  • Energy-wise, it has a low power LED consumption, giving you extra-long battery life, lasting up to 10 times longer than traditional torches.
  • This flexible tool includes telescopic zoom and adjustable focus. There are also 3 light settings, bright, super bright and a flashing light.

A Portable Fire and Easy BBQ Home and Away

Make the perfect atmospheric marshmallow toasting moment happen with a fire pit. The vintage-styled RedFire Fire Pit Blazer is an excellent example of a handy, tidy and portable campfire solution.

Using one could bring added safety to your camping trip even if there is turbulent weather.

It will also double up as an easy investment for outdoor parties at the homestead.

The combo theme continues when it comes to getting the right fire pit. You can choose to use this fireplace with the grill, which means it doubles up as a BBQ and cooking or grilling spot. The grill has a diameter of 61 cm, which delivers enough space to prepare a range of foods in one go.

Shopping list

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Shopping list

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