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Is Your Barbeque Summer-Ready? Key Steps to Prepare and Clean It

Is Your Barbeque Summer-Ready? Key Steps to Prepare and Clean It

Have you already started dreaming of lazy balmy days out in the garden grilling steak and sizzling sausages on the family Barbeque? Do yourself a favor. 

Make it easy to pounce on those rare sunny weekends as they happen. Ensure your Barbeque is prepped, seasoned, cleaned and ready to go at a moment’s notice. Here are a few reminders and tips to get you summer-ready.

How to Season a New BBQ

If you bought one, make sure it is seasoned first. Washing, drying, oiling, and heating are the key steps. This ensures the BBQ hot plate lasts longer.

  • Wash down the plate first with a simple sponge, hot water, and dishwashing liquid
  • Once it is rinsed and dried down thoroughly - you can start applying oil. Use vegetable oil and spread it evenly, ensuring any excess has been wiped off
  • Now that the oil has been spread - start up the BBQ and let it cook. The temperature must be kept at the point just before the oil starts to smoke. Keep this on for about half an hour, depending on the size and thickness of your cooking plate

Cleaning up an Existing BBQ

Are you taking it out of storage?

  • Make sure you remove it out into the open outdoors and start dusting down your BBQ for cobwebs and accumulated debris
  • Check all the parts to make sure they are still in working order
  • Is there any leftover organic matter or baked-in food from past cookouts? You will need to light up the BBQ to get it hot enough and burn off the carbonised matter
  • How do you know when to stop? The protein, residual grease, and fat will be burning off as smoke. Once the smokiness ebbs, you’ll know most of it has gone

Quick BBQ steam clean

For a steam clean, spray water on a thin cloth or newspaper on the grill, insert it and close the lid while there's still enough heat inside to generate steam inside.

The steam will release the last remnants of grease and fat, transferring it into the newspaper, which you can then bin!

Elbow grease and a good scrub

Fighting grease with elbow grease is your next step!

A stiff-bristled brush or a ball of scrunched-up foil will get the last stubborn grease bits off. Beware if you have porcelain finishes - don’t use a metal wire brush.

Then finish off with good old fashioned warm water, suds and a good cleaning cloth.

Home-made hacks for cleaning BBQ grease

Some say a dash of leftover beer will also help get the grease off due to its acidic properties - put some on and apply with the hard-bristled brush.

An onion rubbed over the cooking surfaces is another hack for removing grease. It also comes with antibacterial properties.

The key is to use a slightly acidic liquid. You can soak the BBQ grill and utensils in a coffee solution. This will also work at cutting through the dirt and removing any remnants of food.

Use a dishwasher for smaller parts

For smaller cooking plates (assuming there is no special enamel or coating) just put them in a dishwasher for a final clean.

Finish off the stainless steel

For stainless steel finishes, you can use appropriate stainless steel cleaners. You can even use white vinegar mixed in equal parts with water in an empty spray bottle  - a much loved sustainable home remedy.    

Baking soda on the grill with a sponge or scourer and some water will also leave it shining.

Cleaning the BBQ base

When cleaning the base under your cooking grill, start by removing any final remnants of ash and fuel.

Handle the chore of cleaning out ashes from larger units with a purpose-built ash vacuum cleaner. These are usually ideal for cleaning cold ashes from fireplaces, BBQs, wood stoves etc. It is a worthwhile investment that can be used indoors for the fireplace during the winter months.

Then wipe down with warm water and a sponge.

Easy BBQ touch ups

You can touch up a tarnished BBQ or rejuvenate fuel fires and accessories with stove paint.  Give your appliance or accessory a new matt black finish, protect it and keep it looking new again. It is heat resistant to 650 Degrees (centigrade) and corrosion-resistant.  Perfect for BBQs.

Stock Up on Fuel

Now that it’s prepped and clean make sure you have stocked up on fuel so you won’t be caught out when the opportunity arrives, and you can fire up your BBQ on an impulse!

Some fuel options for stocking up include

  • 11kg Calor Patio Gas Cylinder - ideally suited for gas BBQs and patio heaters. It is perfect for those long summer evenings and must be kept outside
  • 34kg Calor Propane Gas Cylinder - a more extensive supply that is also ideal for use with various applications, including cookers, gas fires and large gas BBQs. It can be used with gas-powered tumble dryers and must also be kept outside
  • You can also stock up on Grill BBQ Charcoal Briquettes available in 3kg bags.
  • Alderline Pure Charcoal, available in 30L Bags - is an ideal standby supply of fuel for the charcoal BBQs. It is produced with sustainable raw material - White Alder. When this charcoal burns, it doesn't release any chemicals that harm the environment. It is also fast igniting, equal burning, and you will be ready to cook in 15 min.

Protect Your BBQ all Summer

Before you stow it away

After you have cleaned your Barbeque and are ready to stow it away again, cover the cooking surfaces with cooking oil to protect those internal parts.

Wipe down the outside of the Barbeque with warm water, suds and cloth, dry it down and then buff it with a dry towel or cloth. If there are enamel surfaces, you may want to protect them further with a thin sheen of baby oil.

Invest in a Barbeque Cover

Last but not least, don’t forget to keep your hard-working BBQ in good nick all summer by protecting it from the Irish weather with a decent BBQ cover. Use it to cover your BBQ after each use but only once it has cooled down.

A cover helps protect against mould and rust. Covers are more relevant if leaving a more heavy-duty appliance outside instead of storing it back in a shed.

BBQ Safety Add-Ons

As an added precaution, don’t forget to stay safe during BBQ season by keeping a handy fire blanket and Fire extinguishers nearby in case of mishaps and flare-ups.

Prevent a fire

Remember, never be tempted to do your grilling inside the house - always grill outside to prevent a house fire. Using a charcoal or propane grill inside your home or garage will also put you at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

In case of a fire

We recommend

  • A quick and easy to use 1mx1m Fire Blanket that has been tested on fat fires on kitchen stoves, camping trips and BBQs
  • Or a combo Fire Safety kit with both Fire extinguisher and Fire Blanket included. Make sure it is suitable for class A, B and C fires.

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